About Us

InnoSavv is a Singapore-based digital marketing and social media marketing agency. We work with local and global businesses and individuals to help them get noticed online and boost their online presence to its best condition.

Our Belief

We believe in our client’s business and its potential. Every idea and business requires a strong a strong marketing team to start, to grow or eventually to sell off the company. Marketing can be a crucial difference in your business, and we want to turn what we do best as a critical component to your business strategy and growth. We start off with trust and turn it into a measurable result.

Our Culture

Work hard, play hard is a norm. Over at InnoSavv, our people define our culture. We have a high-performing culture team. It’s fast pace, competitive yet fulfilling. When you are in a high-performing team, you generally will become one of the best in the team. We are not here for good enough, we invariably think of “how to be better and how we can do to improve” all the time.


Kai Teing is the founder InnoSavv.com. Kai Teing is committed to grooming SMEs in Singapore, and possess diverse experience in a multitude of sectors, including interior design, home appliances, lifestyle furniture, F&Bs beauty and wellness, childcare and telecommunications. This portfolio has developed and honed her suite of unique methodologies for each industry. Over 24 months, she has spent more than 1 million on Facebook advertisement and has an impeccable track record for the performance of her marketing and lead generation strategies. Under her management, a 2-days event by Northwest Interior Design successfully drew in a revenue of between 2 to 5 million. Moreover, her strategic planning was also responsible for the 40% growth in enquiry rate for Cellini. In her partnership with WhizComms, her marketing efforts contributed towards a record of 150 solid installations for a 2-weeks campaign. She is proficient in managing awareness campaigns and has partnered with brands like Ariston and 19 Chefs in doing so. To date, she has worked with more than 50 interior design firms and continues to service a growing client base.

Our Mission

Delightful brand experience first, marketing second.

Our mission at InnoSavv is to position your business prominently on the digital landscape. We aim to usher more traffic to your online website or physical location through the best digital marketing practices aimed to increase your sales.

At the end of a few months’ partnerships, we’ll help you secure a good return on the investment from your marketing services. Successful marketing to your customers will undoubtedly generate improved results.

What We Do

Our company offers a wide array of digital and social marketing services. This includes:

Each of our services will be tailored to your exact needs and specifications. We don’t use cookie cutter strategies for our clients. Instead, through consultation and unique approaches, we achieve your goals.

Our Core Values

What differentiates us from the rest of the digital marketing agencies? It’s the core values that keep us rooted in success.

  • Effective Communication
  • Dedication to Excellence
  • Result- Oriented
  • Consistency in our Work

Our Approach

To believe and trust in our client’s business, it’s not done overnight. We first communicate and truly understand their business concepts, problems, gaps, model, team, operations and their key marketing objectives through meetings after meetings and WhatsApp text over WhatsApp text, emails after emails and the actual visit to our client’s store/showroom/office.

How A Digital Marketing Agency Can Help You

With online businesses rapidly eliminating brick and mortar stores, establishing a strong online presence has never been more crucial. In the face of an ever-changing digital world, businesses that do not adapt to keep up with times risk fading into obscurity. Leverage the reach of the World Wide Web to convert interested parties into loyal customers!

Running a business is hard work. With the whirlwind of daily operations to manage, time, energy and attention required to keep up with online marketing trends are hard to come by. Moreover, the most impactful digital marketing strategies and campaigns result from an investment of time, effort, planning and disciplined execution. However, it does reap enormous benefits. Done expertly, digital marketing will be the most cost-saving and efficient marketing you could engage.

That’s where we come in. Innosavv is a professional Digital Marketing Agency. We’ve been taking charge of online marketing for companies in Singapore for years. Our dynamic league of professionals possesses the skills and knowledge of aspects of digital marketing to give your business the boost it needs! Our experience and expertise will help you go far.

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