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Facebook Management Services

Of all the social media platforms of today, Facebook is by far the largest and most frequently used. The barrage of digital natives on Facebook far surpasses those on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. More than 1 billion people subscribe to Facebook, with hundreds of millions on active accounts and pages.

In fact, Facebook is the largest social media network in almost every country, including Singapore. The platform boasts of 1.71 billion active users per month, with an average of 1.13 billion engaged on a daily basis.

Of all the people you are trying to reach, there’s a high likelihood that they’re Facebook users. What are you doing to reach these local customers?

Our professional Facebook management services will help you harness the power of Facebook to reach your target audience. We portray the image you want online, draw your audience in, and connect with them on a personal and engaging level.

Our Facebook Management Services Include:

  • Facebook strategy planning
  • Content creation
  • Timed posting
  • Facebook ads
  • Profile maintenance
  • Customer responses
  • Progress reports

With our staff managing your Facebook page, you’ll be taking your share of the huge online market!

How Important Is Facebook Management?

To many, Facebook may not seem like a conventional place to garner sales leads. This is due to the diversity of audience present. Without the necessary experience to attract your target audience, or the skills to create shareable content, breaking into the market can be difficult.

However, when you create targeted content tailored to specific audience groups, grabbing their attention and leading them to your page can be easily achieved.

You might not be able to create an online store on Facebook, but you can definitely employ it as a vehicle to transport viewers to your main business website. By creating and sharing customized content and presenting them to the right people, you can bring large amounts of traffic to your website.

An effective Facebook management strategy will generate high-quality leads, with audiences who are highly likely to use your service and purchase your goods. That’s the value of Facebook in your marketing strategy.



Why Choose Us?

We are experienced professionals in Facebook marketing. With us, you can expect a significant improvement in the effectiveness of your Facebook account in reaching those within Singapore, as well as audience abroad when your business demands it.

Talk to us today about how you can generate more leads, increase your website traffic, and reach your target audience with our Facebook management service!

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