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By the time you finish reading this sentence you would have decided whether to stay on this site or look elsewhere.

Still there? Good! You’ve now learned the very first lesson about making a successful landing page. If a visitor comes to your website and doesn’t see or read something that grabs their attention within the first few moments, you’ve lost them.

This makes optimizing your landing page more important than ever! A landing page is a webpage that new visitors encounter when they head to your site. You might have a main landing page for your business and general and specific landing pages for each product or service offered. Are you getting your money’s worth from these current landing pages?

What A Good Landing Page Will Do For Your Business

Good landing pages are designed to improve sales for your business and convert your average visitors into customers. That is the entire purpose of a landing page! Well-optimized and effectively marketed landing pages can achieve these results:

  • Improve Conversion Rates
    High website traffic does not automatically translate into high sales figures and revenue. It’s possible to experience high traffic without receiving any sales. Thus, a well-optimized and effective landing page converts a casual visitor into a customer by convincing them they should trust your brand rather than your competitors’.
  • Sales Creation
    Some people will arrive at your landing page without the intention of buying anything. This is where a great landing page comes in, planting the idea in their heads that they may need your products or services after all. Not every visitor viewing your site will be converted into a customer. However, a well-optimized page boosts the chances of transforming cold leads into convicted customers.
  • Expansion of Market
    Landing pages should be well optimized to appear highly ranked in searches. They should also be shared without breaking the connection to your business. Every time someone reads your landing page and finds it useful or convincing, there is the potential that they will share it within their sphere of influence.

We are skilled in creating effective landing pages that will increase your conversion rate exponentially. Our online marketing team understands what goes into a great landing page for the local market, and can optimize your pages to employ the best practices for success.

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