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Project Involved

Responsive CMS Web Design | Front & Back-end Coding

Project Brief

Cellini is an integrated group of companies that specializes in the design, manufacture, assembly, wholesale and retail of conceptualized lifestyle furniture.

Problems On Their Old Website:
– Missed out on great opportunities and traffic from mobile and tablet audience, as the website was not mobile-friendly.
– Difficult to maintain and update.
– Outdated design made it challenging for the marketing department to center the website as a core online presence that links their marketing efforts.
– Experienced a drop in inquiry rate.

Solutions From InnoSavv:
– A brand new website that showcases Cellini’s furniture in a neat and mobile-friendly way. Clean aesthetics, simple to use and navigate around.
– Effective inquiry form that allows potential customers to enquire easily, and Cellini’s manager to follow up easily to avoid lost opportunities.
– Enquiry rate went up by almost 50%.
– Easy to update CMS platform empowers Cellini’s marketing manager to update and link all its marketing effort to its website.

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Find out more: http://www.cellini.com.sg/

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