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 Creating Responsive Websites

Effective Responsive Web Design and Development are indispensable elements in an engaging website. In 2014, it was recorded that 88% of households in Singapore have Internet access while 79% of individuals are Internet users. These numbers are certain to have grown since then.

What does this mean for your business? It means that your content online would be seen by a wider audience!

Previously, Internet usage was limited to computers and laptops. This has changed rapidly over the years with mobile Internet usage surpassing computer Internet usage in 2014.

Now, more than 93% of the world’s population owns a phone. There are now billions of people with Internet access on smaller devices and screens. This presents a problem for websites designed solely for computer screens!

A responsive web design takes your normal website and adapts it to your audience’s viewing devices. For instance, the website can be displayed in its normal format on a computer, but optimized with appropriately sized menus, pictures, and content on smaller mobile devices.

Responsive web design thus draws in a large part of the market that use mobile devices as their preferred viewing platform.

How A Responsive Website Will Improve Your Business

If you don’t optimize your website, you’ll risk losing a lot of viewers who uses mobile devices exclusively.

Imagine a scenario where someone in Singapore is looking for a business like yours. They browse on their mobile phones or tablets and do a quick search online to find a business near them. Your company website pops up as one of the first options, so they click it to find out more.

Unfortunately, the page takes a long time to load because of the format of images and content on the site. When it does load, the viewers are disappointed to find that the website is hardly readable due to over sized menus, awkwardly pasted content on the screen and pictures extending beyond the barriers of the page.

Alternatively, imagine someone who is intrigued by your post on social media and wants to learn more. They click on the link and find the same issues mentioned above (long loading periods and formatting problems) repeat themselves.

These situations are common. Any company without a responsive website is at risk of losing leads and decreasing their conversion rate.

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