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Posted: Jan 17, 18

Website traffic is a vital indicator and fuel for business growth. Traffic sheds light on intriguing consumer habits that can reflect on the effectiveness of your marketing tactics, and how they can be fine-tuned. Today, we introduce methods of ushering in much-valued traffic, thereby spreading a wider net that captures your target group more effectively, to garner more leads and churn out more revenue.

1.    Pay Attention To Your On-site SEO

Avoid keyword stuffing, a technique that is easily seen through by both your audience and search engines alike. Repetitive and poorly-allocated keywords present an unnatural read that is likely to turn audience away. Avoid keyword stuffing with high-quality content that provides information that your audience are looking for. Concise meta descriptions that sum up your message in a nutshell would also grant a significant boost. Establishing a sturdy internal linking structure keeps readers on your page for a longer period of time as well.

2.    Be Listed!

Create a business profile on online directories and review sites. Thereafter, state your website link under your profile. This would increase the exposure and reach of your website.

3.    Hashtagging

Use hashtags to highlight keywords, and get discovered by users searching for your products and services!

4.    Utilize Landing Pages

Instead of asking customers to call or e-mail in, creating landing pages specific to your offers. This streamlined approach would collate all your leads in one place, and also grant your audience greater convenience in registering their interest.

5.    Leverage A Variety Of Social Media Channels To Promote Your Content

The nature of each platform calls for specific types of content to be disseminated. Twitter works best in the publication of short taglines and links. Google+ promotion shows your company in more personalized search results, making it suitable for companies with B2B niches. On the other hand, Pinterest and Instagram are ideal for image-heavy content.

6. Offer A Variety For Greater Readability

Provide a mix of shorter, news-based blog posts with long-form content and video, as well as colorful infographics. Photos are always a good idea as posts with images receive 120% more engagement as compared to posts with no photos. They would also get 53% more likes! Moreover, having a variety of content lengths caters to a wide variety of readers with different lifestyles, allowing you to connect with millennials with short attention spans and those who prefer a detailed and insightful read.

For image-rich posts, check your Facebook and blog sites metrics to analyze the success of your full-sized images. Replicate this format across all your posts. Using a shortened link would give your post a neater appearance too. Google shortener is a good tool for this.

7. Email-Marketing

Despite the proliferation of youth-targeted social media platforms, traditional methods still have value in them. Try blasting out EDMs (electronic direct mailers) to reach groups who are less engaged on social media, and depend more heavily on e-mails. Keep EDMs short and insightful, within a page. Update only with more major updates rather than fine details.

8. Technically Optimized Pages

Technically optimized pages are not only easier to read, they also portray a professional image of your company. In an age of instant gratification, consumers have neither the time nor mood to wait for snail-paced loading content. In fact, slow loading processes often bring about high bounce rates. Look out for vital components that would affect your page’s speed, such as the image file sizes, design adaptability and functionality of plugins.

9. Set People Thinking

For captions, ask short, intriguing questions that would encourage people to share, think or comment.

10. Get People Talking

A cluster of thinking individuals are the building blocks of a community at your site. Fostering a robust commenting system can expand the reach of your business through word of mouth, increasing traffic to your site. Moreover, a forum dedicated to Q and A allows you to interact actively with your customers. The downside of an online community is that it necessitates a referee to screen out spams and undesirable energy.

11. Examine Your Analytics Data

Do you know about the magic of google analytics? It engenders you to track your most popular pages, and be in the know about the visitor demographics. Armed with this information, you can now modify your promotional and advertising tactics.

12. Be Online, Be Responsive!

To present your page as a happening and bustling space, post regularly and be prompt in answering queries. Each new post flags offers something new, earning you the precious attention span of new and returning readers. Regular postings that engage also counts towards healthy interaction with your audience. Garnering a loyal readership can translate to more leads! Friendly and approachable personas at the helplines building a stronger relationship with your audience as well. They connectivity and availability you project would tie in the associated notions of reliability!


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